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Andersonville Cryotherapy & Athletic Recovery Center
5052 N Clark St
ChicagoIL 60640
 (773) 944-5050
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Effective pain management and relief from inflammatory injuries and disorders is as close by as Andersonville Cryotherapy. When you're searching for a health spa in Chicago, IL, to have your body feel rejuvenated and refreshed, look no further. 
Studies have shown that cryotherapy treatments can quickly produce proven benefits of athletic recovery, enhanced beauty and anti-aging, weight loss, and improved health and wellness. While blood circulation is improved and toxins are eliminated from the body, you'll feel like a totally new person with a series of cryotherapy sessions. 


  • Cryofacials
  • Normatec compression recovery
  • Spot cryotherapy
  • Whole body cryotherapy
In our whole-body cryotherapy session, your body is immersed in a nitrogen-filled chamber and exposed to temperatures of -150 F to -300 F for three minutes. The extremely cold temperature signals the brain to push all your blood to the core to keep vital organs and your core temperature warm, causing blood to filter through the cardiovascular system much faster than normal. The result is purified, enriched, oxygenated blood rapidly circulating through the body.  
Call Andersonville Cryotherapy today at (773) 944-5050 and ask about our multiple discounted sessions for first-timers or discounted packages.
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